Student Research

Chemistry Research for Majors

SWOSU chemistry majors are encouraged to get involved with faculty-mentored research as early as their second semester of their freshman year. A minimum of 2 credit hours of Chemistry Research is required for both the Chemistry BS and Chemistry BS Professional degrees. However, student research can also serve as a source of income for students.

Many faculty in the department have various grants to further their research. Grants and departmental funds can be used to pay for student research, so there many opportunities. In order to get started in undergraduate research at SWOSU, you will need to determine which faculty you’re most interested in working with and ask them if they would be interested in adding you to their team.

Faculty research descriptions can be found within the individual faculty pages here.

For information about the OK-LSAMP Program designed to encourage underrepresented minority student participation in STEM research, contact SWOSU OK-LSAMP Coordinator Dr. Tim Hubin at

Chemistry Research for Credit

Students can earn credit hours for working in research alongside a member of faculty. Over the course of their time at SWOSU, a student may complete up to four credit hours of chemistry research. The department offers both sophomore-level and senior-level research courses, CHEM 2001 and CHEM 4001-3 respectively.

A minimum of 2 credit hours of CHEM 4001-4003 is required for the Chemistry BS and Chemistry BS Professional (ACS-Certified) degrees.

If you are interested in enrolling in chemistry research for credit but are unsure where to begin, you can start by emailing the department at!

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